A number of issues have come up in the Highgate area in 2016 which led the local forum calling on Shabana to set up some special residents' meetings to address concerns, particularly around:

1) the use of temporary hotel accommodation to house asylum seekers in the area

2) the proliferation of shisha lounges

3) the housing development on St Lukes


Hotel Accommodation for Sheltering Asylum Seekers

28/12/2016 There have been concerns raised about the use of the Paragon Hotel. This is a large hotel and at times the number of asylum seekers temporarily housed there has been in the hundreds. This has been difficult for asylum seekers and difficult for the local community. The numbers housed there have been reduced and continue to remain low. However the hotel has recently put in a planning application for an additional 100 bedrooms. Shabana has objected to this and will continue to keep a close eye on the issue.


Shisha Lounges

28/12/2016 Shisha lounges are not regulated and their recent proliferation is causing problems for local residents in HIghgate. There are a number of venues which cause disruption to local people whether that be because of noise late at night, anti-social behaviour by visitors to the venues or parking. Shabana is lobbying the Government to regulate these venues. However if new regulation is introduced it is vital that it has strong enforcement powers which the council must use.


St Lukes housing development, Bristol Road

28/12/2016 There are concerns locally about the facilities which will be built alongside this development. Shabana is finding this information out and will go back to residents.