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Support Low Paid Workers

The Conservative Government has decided to cut the support given to low-paid working families. By 2020 it will mean that 2.6 million people in Britain will lose £1,500 pounds a year.

This is completely the wrong way of doing things.

Governments have to make choices and I believe strongly that people should always be better off in work than out of it. The state should use the money it takes in from tax payers to help keep people in work. It’s better for the individual and better for society as a whole.

Originally, the Government wanted to take this money away from low-paid working families straight away. However, a successful campaign by lots of organisations and individuals stopped it from happening this year. Unfortunately the change has simply been delayed NOT reversed.

But this is better than nothing. Now we must use the time. I believe that we do have a chance of getting the Government to back down.  I hope so. 15,700 households in this constituency and more than 18,000 children here rely on this money to get by. So even if you are not affected, the chances are that one of your neighbours is.

I would be really grateful if you would back my campaign. Please let me have your views by filling in my ‘Campaign for Work’ survey by clicking here