Shabana Mahmood MP supports Citizens UK work on Calais refugee children

Shabana Mahmood MP is supporting calls from Birmingham Progressive Synagogue and Citizens UK to bring 1000 unaccompanied child refugees in France to the UK.
Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good. Shabana signed Citizens UK’s letter to Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, Home Secretary, expressing concern that since the Calais ‘jungle’ was demolished, and as Christmas approaches, 1600 unaccompanied children are still stuck in limbo in centres across France.
The letter notes that at the time of the demolition Ms. Rudd told Parliament that it would be a good outcome if Britain took in ‘half’ of the total number of unaccompanied children. Now that it has been discovered that there were 2000 children in Calais at the time of demolition, the letter is calling for the Home Secretary to bring 1000 unaccompanied children to the UK.
Shabana also met with Rabbi Margaret Jacobi of the Birmingham Progressive Synagogue to discuss the issue and welcomed the Rabbi and the members of the congregation when they attended her advice surgery.

Commenting, Shabana said:
“It is terrible that over a month since the Calais ‘Jungle’ was demolished, there remain unaccompanied children in France in unsafe conditions, many of whom have family in the UK and a legal right to be reunited with them.
I am pleased to support Citizens UK and Birmingham Progressive Synagogue in their calls to bring more unaccompanied children to the UK. As the Citizens UK letter that I have signed says, like communities across the country, we stand ready to welcome these children and support them to build a full and dignified life when they reach the UK.”