On Friday 24 March, as part of Teach First Week, Shabana Mahmood MP visited Heartlands Academy in her Birmingham Ladywood constituency.  As part of her visit, Shabana taught a year eight English class about Human Rights across the globe.

Whilst at Heartlands Academy, Shabana talked extensively to a year eight group about Human Rights and set them the challenge of organising their own campaign to raise awareness on key Human Rights issues in the UK and the world.  The pupils then presented their ideas to the class and Shabana having made posters and other campaign materials.

Additionally, Shabana met with some year eleven pupils who have been considering applying to Oxbridge for university.  These pupils were given the opportunity to talk to Shabana about her experiences of Oxford University, the applications process and how she became an MP. 

Shabana said, “Teaching the year eights was a lot of fun and they had some brilliant ideas on how to launch and run a campaign.  They all engaged in a lively debate and showed real passion about their campaigns.  Speaking with the year eleven pupils and hearing their aspirations was also encouraging and being able to share some of my experiences with them was rewarding.”