Shabana Mahmood signs open letter to Theresa May calling on airdrops of aid to Aleppo

Shabana Mahmood MP has signed an open letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May calling on her to approve airdrops of food and medicine to aid the desperate citizens of Aleppo.
The letter stated:
“This is now the epicentre of the crisis. The Assad and Putin regimes are moving to ‘exterminate’ all those who have not already been killed as a consequence of their indiscriminate bombing campaigns.
In the last 10 days all hospitals there, including the last children’s hospital, have been bombed out of operation. Centres belonging to the heroic volunteers of the White Helmets [Syrian civil defence] have also been destroyed. The last aid delivery was three months ago and medical workers estimate we have less than two weeks before all food runs out.
With our Royal Air Force already operational in the air over Syria, we are calling on you to urgently authorise the air-dropping of aid to besieged civilian populations. It is simply not acceptable that during the biggest aid operation in the UN’s history, and in the full glare of the world’s media, nearly 100,000 children are facing the slowest, cruellest death because we cannot reach them with food and medical supplies.
Air-dropping aid is only ever a last resort, but who can credibly claim we have not reached that point? The Syrian government is refusing all attempts to allow access to UN relief agencies whilst simultaneously dropping chlorine gas onto civilian populations.”
Shabana commenting, said:
“The situation in Aleppo is one of the most tragic humanitarian crises of at least this century.
I welcome the fact that over 200 MPs from different parties have signed the letter and I believe that the Government should now take note of this letter and start aid drops which can save lives before it is too late”.