Situation at Small Heath School must be sorted

Shabana Mahmood MP has written to Council Leader Cllr John Clancy to ask him to do more to resolve the ongoing stand off at Small Heath School. Children there facing the daunting prospect of a teachers' strike lasting nine days in total.

Shabana's letter is below:

Dear Cllr John Clancy,

I am writing regarding Small Heath School. You will be aware that a number of teachers there have decided to strike for a period of 9 days. I understand that they are striking because of putative plans to turn the school into an academy.

However I have been told by Peter Hay (Strategic Director) that there are currently no plans to academise Small Heath School. 

I have spoken to many parents who also tell me there are plans to academise the school. I have spoken to staff at the school who tell me they have had no communication from the LEA to let them know whether there are plans to academise the school.

This is clearly a completely ridiculous situation. 

I would ask if you could use your offices to arrange urgent mediation and also to ensure that all staff, teachers and parents receive written confirmation of the Council's plans with regard to academisation.

I would like to see the school back fully functioning as soon as possible, as this situation is detrimental to the childrens' learning.

Yours sincerely Shabana Mahmood MP