Step forward for CT Scanner with angiography

The Birmingham Muslim Burial Council have emailed to let me know that they are making headway in their campaign to have a scanner in the vicinity of Birmingham which can do angiography during a post mortem. 

Most post mortems are done invasively but a number of religious communities would prefer to have the post mortem done in a non invasive manner. For those who wish to pay to have a non invasive post mortem there are several facilities across the country including a CT scanner in Sandwell Borough. Unfortunately this scanner does not offer angiography - required for most deaths that do not involve trauma. In those case, very often, the coroner will have to insist on an invasive post mortem.

Shabana has been very supportive of bringing angiography to the post mortem process in the West Midlands and was delighted to receive the following information from the Muslim Burial Council in Birmingham.


BMBC officials met Mr Darren Brown (Head of Business) from iGene on Thursday 26th May 2016 following the Extraordinary Meeting of all the officials at Heartlands Hospital on Tuesday 10th May 2016.

Mr Brown has promised BMBC the MRI/CT Scan with the option of Angiography would be made available at the Sandwell Site by the end of July 2016. At present all the software has been purchased and some staff have already been trained to work with the Angiography process, iGene have also purchased a new central server which will be installed in Leeds to facilitate the process and will be accessible to all the  iGene pathologist in the country to share the reports and view cases from each site. BMBC will follow up on the progress and update everyone in due course.