The Government has admitted that it will be limit the number of lone child asylum seekers who can apply for asylum into Britain through a scheme known as the 'Dubs scheme' to 350. The Dubs amendment was passed as part of the 2016 Immigration Act after an amendment by Lord Dubs was accepted by Parliament and written into law. 

On Wednesday 1st February 2017, I voted in favour of the European Union (Notification Of Withdrawal) Bill Second Reading which when enacted as an act of Parliament will give the Prime Minister power to notify the European Council of the United Kingdom’s intention to start negotiations to leave the European Union under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Shabana has continued her longstanding work supporting vulnerable refugees by asking the government to give further help to unaccompanied child asylum seekers. A copy of her letter to the Government minister is below.


Dear Edward Timpson MP

I am writing to ask the Government to take further action in relation to unaccompanied child refugees.