Shabana Mahmood MP has signed an open letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May calling on her to approve airdrops of food and medicine to aid the desperate citizens of Aleppo.
The letter stated:
“This is now the epicentre of the crisis. The Assad and Putin regimes are moving to ‘exterminate’ all those who have not already been killed as a consequence of their indiscriminate bombing campaigns.

The new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, said on taking up office in the summer that he would reset fiscal policy and provide a new plan for new circumstances. 

However, with no radical action in the Autumn Statement to tackle 6 years of Tory complacency on the big problems in the UK economy including low pay, low productivity, low business and infrastructure investment, the most discernible new plan from the Chancellor was to put back the date for dealing with the deficit even further.

In advance of the second reading of the Homeless Reduction Bill, Shabana Mahmood MP met constituents and representatives from the homeless charity Crisis in Parliament to discuss the Bill.

Unfortunately, Shabana was unable to attend the debate due to prior commitments in the constituency. However, she is most concerned about the lack of effort by the Tories to prevent and deal with Homelessness and was therefore most pleased that the bill passed its second reading on Friday 28th October.

Following the failure of the Home Office to provide a satisfactory response to Shabana Mahmood MP’s written question on the topic of improvements to forensic pathology services in England and Wales, Shabana has submitted a set of follow up questions to the Home Secretary.

These questions ask what steps the Tory Government has taken as a result of a number of recommendations made by the Hutton review of forensic pathology in England and Wales, which was submitted to the Minister of State for Crime and Prevention in March 2015.

Shabana Mahmood is supporting the British Asian Trust’s ‘Give a Girl A Future’ campaign.
The British Asian Trust supports the development of a South Asia that is free from inequality and injustice. The Trust was founded in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales and a group of visionary British Asian business leaders.
Money raised by the Give a Girl A Future campaign will be used to help girls learn skills such as computer literacy and mobile repair, and help them to set up in business and market what they do.

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics today showed that UK productivity - the UK's output per hour worked- has returned to its pre-crisis levels.

Shabana commented:

"Following 6 years of poor productivity growth under the Tories, output per hour has only just returned to its pre-crisis levels.

However, productivity remains far below the level it would have reached had it continued on its pre-downturn trajectory and is still far behind competiting economies such as the USA, France and Germany.