David Anderson QC, the government’s independent reviewer of terrorist legislation, spoke on the Today programme this morning calling for reform of the Government’s counter-extremism programme Prevent.

He outlined three changes that he wanted to see to dispel distrust of the programme in Muslim communities:

The Chancellor Philip Hammond today laid out his plans for the British economy at the Tory Party Conference.

Shabana Mahmood MP responding, said,

“In 2010, David Cameron said that ‘in five years’ time, we will have balanced the books’.

Despite six years passing since this promise was made, the deficit forecast for the year still stands at £55 billion, and the new Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond is making new promises to ‘balance the budget’.

Why should we believe him any more than his predecessors?

Shabana Mahmood has today slammed the Government's lack of action on reuniting unaccompanied refugee children in Europe with their families in the UK.

The Home Secretary said in response to a parliamentary question this month that the Government will:

At the Labour Party Conference today, Shabana Mahmood and Red Shift launched its new report ‘England in 2030’, setting out how Labour should rise to the challenges of the future to remain relevant and regain a majority.

Red Shift brings together a group of English Labour MPs and activists determined to shine a spotlight on how England is changing, how peoples’ ambitions are changing – and Labour needs to change to win.

The report identified five shifts that are taking place in England, and that a modern Labour Party must engage with to stay relevant:

As part of Shabana's campaign for better death and burial services in Birmingham and nationally, Shabana has demanded answers from the Home Office on the actions that the Government have taken in the last year and half following Professor Hudson’s independent review of forensic pathology, which concluded that the future of forensic pathology services is ‘fragile’.

Senior Labour MP Shabana Mahmood MP is urging voters to vote to remain in Thursday's referendum. Shabana Mahmood MP said:

"I am voting to remain and I urge voters to do the same.  At the end of the day I believe that trade, growth and productivity all benefit from membership of the single market. This means more jobs for people here and therefore better standards of living." 

Article originally published on the Fabian Society website Fabian Essays page on 25 May 2016 following the Fabian Summer Conference 2016 on 21 May, where Shabana Mahmood MP spoke on the European Union and the economy.


As with the referendum on membership of the then European Economic Community (EEC) 41 years ago, the economic context is once again important this year, though I believe that the instinctive economic argument is often overlooked as each side throws different facts at the public.

In a budget full of gloomy forecasts, downgrades, missed targets and broken rules, the gloomiest perhaps was the significant cut to productivity forecasts by the OBR. Significant because the lower forecasts for productivity are what has led to the lower growth forecasts, and significant also because George Osborne’s so-called Long Term Economic Plan has clearly failed to deal with this long-term problem which is getting much much worse on his watch.