Shabana Mahmood MP has asked the Government to do more to help people in this constituency get back to work. Shabana has challenegd the Government to do more to identify the barriers to work at the beginning of an assessment so that  people get the help they need much quicker. This is better for the person seeking work and better for the state's finances too.

Shabana Mahmood MP strongly opposes the Government’s Trade Union Bill. Shabana said, "This bill is an attack on the rights of ordinary working people. Millions will be affected. The Government has made it harder for people to stand up and protect their jobs, pay and security. I will continue to oppose it.”

Shabana added, “Instead of tackling the big challenges with which we are faced today – productivity, skills and low pay, the Government is making it harder for working people to address these concerns by introducing unnecessary measures."

Shabana has visited Pikpa camp in Lesbos as part of her trip to help refugees there fleeing the civil war in Syria. The camp does extraordinary work with the most vulnerable refugees on the island.

Shabana Mahmood MP has co-chaired an event organised by the Council of British Hajjis in Parliament this week. The event brought together representatives from a range of organisations who work to assist British pilgrims to undertake the Hajj. This included pilgrims, travel operators, the Police, academics and medics. A number of ongoing issues were discussed including high costs and fraud. In addition there was further discussion about safety following the serious loss of life that occurred at this year's Hajj.

Shabana Mahmood MP said: