Aston Children's Centre Must Stay

My letter to council leader Cllr Ian Ward

Dear Ian Ward

In advance of your cabinet meeting next week I would like to again urge you to think again about closing the Children's Centre at Six Ways.

I have already written to Pip Mayo and the local Cllrs have written to the Cabinet member responsible for Children's Services. Six Ways Children's Centre is located within one of the most deprived parts of the country - this neighbourhood (LSOA) is one of the top 2% most deprived parts of England. If you look at the attached map you will see that all the hubs are located on the very edges of my constituency - which is problematic.

My constituency, as you know, covers the city centre. Anyone from the north of my constituency who wishes to use these hubs will necessarily have to go into the city centre and out again. As local representatives we are deeply concerned that some of the poorest and most vulnerable children and their parents will find it much much harder to access vital services. It is one thing to offer a service at a set time, it is quite another to have a physical space known to the community where parents can build their confidence by dropping in from time to time in a more informal manner. I would be happy to facilitate a meeting between you and the parents who have contacted us to express their concern.