This is a desperate situation. Waiting for the next wave of attacks is no way to live and, like many other onlookers, I fear where this is going to end.

Almost all the casualties so far have been Palestinian civilians. They are bearing the brunt of this bloody escalation. I sincerely hope that Hamas will stop firing its rockets and that the Israeli Government can be persuaded to stand down. The Israeli bombardments are indiscriminate and lethal. The tragic loss of civilian life in Gaza has now topped 120 - a fifth are children. I have written to the Foreign Secretary to urge him to exert whatever pressure he can to persuade the Israeli Government to stop its attacks. The British Government must do all it can to bring about a ceasefire and prevent further loss of life.

The people of Israel and Palestine need an immediate ceasefire followed by a resumption of negotiations. With every dead body we get further away from the peaceful two state solution to the conflict in the Middle East that is so desperately needed.

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