High rise update

This constituency has the largest number of high rise blocks in the city - 73 - so its vital we make sure that that these are safe places for our residents to live. Since the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower I have been working with residents, the Council, Midland Heart, Optima and Trident Housing to systematically look at what the issues are locally.

 On the initial issue of the cladding the Council, Optima and Trident have confirmed that none of their high rise blocks have Grenfell style cladding. This is a huge relief. Birmingham City Council has also tested cladding from some of its towers at Birmingham City Laboratories. This is above what was required by the Government and not something that should cause concern.

 I have also been in touch with residents I could identify on the electoral roll who live in the towers to ask them to share with me as soon as possible any fire safety concerns they may have. 100s of people have replied so far and my team is currently working their way through the issues that have been raised.

 But it is clear that there are far more questions than answers at the moment. I have written today to ask all landlords of high rise blocks in my constituency a series of questions which will mean that residents who live in them can be assured that they live in a safe place. You can find a copy of the letter here www.shabanamahmood.org/sites/default/files/Letter%20to%20John%20Clancy%20Tower%20Blocks%20Scan.pdf