Islamophobic literature reported to the Police

Islamophobic leaflets which were distributed in the area earlier this week have been given to the police who are investigating who is responsible for this vile behaviour.

The police have asked me to remind residents how important it is to report all incidences of racism or islamophobia. You should call the police on 101. If you are in immediate danger call 999. 

I have been contacted by a number of different organisations across the city offering their support to the Birmingham Muslim community following this outrageous attack on our faith. Birmingham is a diverse and wonderful city and their support is welcome.

Tell Mama —Supports victims of Islamophobia

Tell Mama is an organisation which supports victims of islamophobia and also monitors and measures anti-Muslim incidents. This is not a replacement for the police but if you need support please call them. You can call them on 0800 456 1226.