Officers to be prosecuted in Kingsley Burrell case

Shabana Mahmood MP has welcomed the decision today to bring forward charges against 3 officers in relation to the death of Kingsley Burrell five years ago. Kingsley was detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act in 2011 after allegedly displaying symptoms of mental health issues.  After a struggle Mr Burrell was taken to a seclusion room at a Mental Health Unit and subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated and transferred to the Intensive Treatment Unit.  On Thursday 31st March 2011 Mr Burrell was pronounced dead. 

The Crown Prosecution Service found there was insufficent evidence to prosecute anyone over Kingsley's death, however a later inquest in 2015 found that prolonged restraint had been a factor in Kingsley's death. The Independent Police Complaints Commission referred the case to the Crown Prosecution Service after it found that there was a case to answer on gross misconduct by 3 officers.

Today the Director of Public Prosecutions has decided to charge 3 of the officers involved in the death with perjury and perverting the course of justice.

Shabana Mahmood MP said: "The family have been waiting for a long time for the courts to look at the circumstances surrounding the death of their son and brother Kingsley Burrell. The legal process must now run its course. For the family the wait is in no way over and their anguish continues on many levels but at least now, finally, a court will hear the details of what happened 5 years ago and in the subsequent investigations."