Following the protest at the Hodge Hill TESCO over the weekend Shabana Mahmood MP said:

"It's an important right in this country to be able to air ones views and to think and say what we like without fear of violence or retribution.

"Peaceful demonstrations and protests play a large part in that and I have been on my fair share.

"Shoving people, intimidating people and throwing things as I am told happened by a small group of people at the Hodge Hill Tesco on Saturday are not the actions of people committed to taking part in a peaceful protest movement. It's criminal behaviour that damages the cause that we fight for.

"There are a plethora of views around the boycott and sanction movement and Israel but I have been clear from the start. I support proper labelling of goods that have been produced in the illegal settlements as per the DEFRA guidelines and personally chose to boycott those supermarkets that stock goods from those areas. But my choice is a peaceful one - I make my point with my wallet and my words. I hope others in Birmingham who support boycotting goods produced in the illegal settlements choose the same."

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