Residents sign up to stand up for neighbourhood

Residents attending a neighbourhood meeting organised by Shabana Mahmood MP last Thursday at Aston Library have pledged to help take more action to look after their area.

The meeting - for residents of Freer Road, Arden Road, Fentham Road and Hampton Road - was set up by Shabana to see what more could be done to help keep the area safe following a shocking knife attack on Freer Road. Residents have agreed to get involved in the local residents association - Aston Voice. The police were also present and updated residents on the inquiry and work being done to prevent crime in the area.

Shabana Mahmood MP said, "Residents are really keen to do more to help keep the area safe. A number of individuals have volunteered to become road reps and attend the local residents' association, Aston Voice. It was heartening to see so many people willing to stand up and be counted and I'm grateful to all those who attended and also to those who volunteered to do more."