Shabana Mahmood MP challenges Government on schools funding in Birmingham Ladywood

Shabana Mahmood MP has written to the Education Secretary Justine Greening MP on behalf of governors, teachers, parents and pupils in Birmingham Ladywood who are fearful for what the Tories’ education cuts proposals will mean for their schools.
The Tories are overseeing the first real terms cut in the schools budget for over two decades, the steepest our schools have faced since the 1970s.

Under the Conservative Government, the schools budget will only be protected in cash terms. The failure to protect the schools budget in real terms means that a number of inflationary and cost pressures will cause real terms cuts to the schools budget. The National Audit Office have predicted that these changes will amount to an 8% cut in per pupil spending by 2019-20, the same figure given by the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies.
In addition, under the Government’s proposals for a new Funding Formula, nearly half of all schools (46%) in the country will lose funding. In Birmingham Ladywood the figure is higher: 53 schools would lose out, while only 2 would gain.
Shabana has challenged the Government on this and asked Justine Greening to change course.
You can read the letter here.