Small Heath School - Letter to NUT

Following a new round of strikes at Small Heath School, local MP Shabana Mahmood has written to the National Union of Teachers.

Dear Kit Armstrong

I write regarding the current strike action by NUT staff at Small Heath School. I understand that teachers do not take strike action lightly but I am writing to ask whether the NUT will suspend this next round of industrial action.

As I understand it, two of the substantive issues causing difficulty at Small Heath have been resolved. The Local Authority have confirmed there are currently no plans to academise Small Heath School and issues pertaining to the IEB have been eased with the stepping back of King Edwards from the process. The staff from the other unions have now returned to work. Despite this significant and substantive progress NUT staff are continuing to strike over the remaining issue (the suspension of an NUT member).

I put it to you that this response is not proportionate. Hundreds of children are not receiving an education because there exists an employee/employer dispute regarding one member of staff. This cannot be right. I am additionally concerned that striking has been chosen as the mechanism by which to resolve this staff issue when there must be other routes open to you.

As you would expect, I make no judgment on the details of this individual case. In the end, and if it is not resolved through negotiation, it will be up to a tribunal to determine that.

I sincerely hope that this dispute can be resolved quickly but whilst that process is going on I would strongly urge you to recommend to your members to return to work.

Yours sincerely

Shabana Mahmood MP