Anyone who has tried to read the Council's budget documents will know difficult it can be to understand exactly how much is spent on what.

These are the headline figures explaining the budget for Birmingham and Solihull's coroner services. I'm sharing for interest.


As part of Shabana's campaign for better death and burial services in Birmingham and nationally, Shabana has demanded answers from the Home Office on the actions that the Government have taken in the last year and half following Professor Hudson’s independent review of forensic pathology, which concluded that the future of forensic pathology services is ‘fragile’.

A number of constituents from both the muslim and jewish communities are campaigning for an improvement to death and burial services in the city.

Shabana works closely with a number of different organisations and individuals who are all pushing specific changes. Shabana's campaign for death and burial services focuses on the following points:

The Birmingham Muslim Burial Council have emailed to let me know that they are making headway in their campaign to have a scanner in the vicinity of Birmingham which can do angiography during a post mortem.