To mark Parliament Week, Community Foundation organised a community event at the Lozells Methodist Centre. Local councillors and Members of Parliament had the opportunity to share their thoughts and experience of going into politics. 

The Aston Parish Witton based 1st Birmingham Boys’ Brigade are celebrating their 125th Anniversary in 2016. As a part of their celebration they are taking more than 10 boys for a week’s holiday to Switzerland.  Many of the boys are from deprived backgrounds and some have additional needs. The Brigade needs help to raise £7, 500 so it can fund the trip, and give the boys experience they may not otherwise have.

Shabana Mahmood MP has visited Birmingham Fareshare in her constituency. Fareshare distribute food that would otherwise be wasted. They partner with over 60 organisations in the city who help get the food to those who need it most. You can watch the video here.

Shabana Mahmood MP has spoken to the Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police Force following another shooting in her constituency.

One man was killed and another was injured in the shooting which took place on the early morning of the 29th November in the Soho Hill area.

Following a street surgery in the area on Friday morning Shabana spoke to Chris Simms about the need for extra police resources to be directed at Ladywood Constituency.

Shabana said:

Shabana Mahmood MP has been working in  her constituency to get people back on the electoral register after changes by the Government to the way people register to vote. Nationally, it is expected that 1.9 million people will 'fall off' the register this year.

Shabana Mahmood MP said:
"The decisions by the Tory Government which have led to this situation are completely unacceptable. It is totally undemocratic. In my constituency we have over 16,000 properties which have no one at all on the electoral register. How the Government justifies this I do not know."

Shabana Mahmood MP, Liam, Byrne MP, Khalid Mahmood MP and Cllr Ansar Ali Khan have met with the coroner, senior officials from the city council, the registrars' office and Heartlands hospital to discuss services which families can expect when a loved one dies.

Constituents have raised a number of issues which they wanted further information about. In particular 1) access to non invasive post mortems  2) cost of burials 3) access to a weekend coroners' service