09/16/2014 - 17:53

Shabana Mahmood MP said in response to news of 6,000 job losses at Birmingham City Council:

"This is a blow not only for the families of those who are losing their jobs but for the people of Birmingham who use the services provided by those 6,000 members of staff. The blame for these losses lies squarely with the Tory-led Government. It has delivered an unfair blow to Birmingham City Council's budget. Cuts have had to be made but they should have been made more fairly. The cut here in Birmingham is £147 per dwelling - the average cut across the rest of the country is just £45.... Read more...

09/16/2014 - 11:26


On the 10th September 2014, Shabana Mahmood MP secured a Westminster Hall debate on  ‘Deaths in police custody with Mike Penning MP the Minister of State for Policing and Justice responding.   
On securing the debate, Shabana Mahmood MP said:

“I am grateful to have secured the debate and for the opportunity to highlight the very important issues of concern to my constituents and to one family in particular, the Burrell’s, whose case I have been working on for some months. Deaths in police custody are an issue of growing concern, both in this House and across the... Read more...


08/21/2014 - 18:36

Shabana Mahmood MP said today:

"We all agree that Israeli settlements on the West Bank are illegal under international law and they are not part of Israel. As such, they are an obstacle to a two state solution and a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. My position on the boycott of illegal settlement goods - precisely because the settlements themselves are illegal - is a difference of view with my party that is genuinely and respectfully held.

"There is no disagreement that a more general boycott of Israel would not contribute towards a lasting peace in the region -... Read more...

07/18/2014 - 20:32

Shabana Mahmood MP publishes letter with Birmingham Labour colleagues to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond about Gaza

Dear Philip Hammond MP

We are writing to ask that you take whatever action possible to persuade the Israeli Government to stop its attacks on Gaza.

Palestinian civilians have now endured over a week days of air strikes and are now being subjected to a ground invasion. Hundreds of people have been killed - man y of them children. We are worried about the heart wrenching stories that are being reported in the media. Earlier... Read more...


09/09/2014 - 13:52

Last week Shabana took place in a Westminster Hall debate on the issue of stamp duty and the housing market.  The debate, scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee, was called for by a number of Conservative MPs who believe that the current policy on stamp duty is distorting the housing market.

In response, Shabana recognised the importance of this particular issue to both politicians and the public - particularly those first-time buyers wishing to buy a home - but also pointed out that stamp duty brings in a large (and growing) amount of revenue and that it is Labour's... Read more...

09/09/2014 - 12:43

Last week Shabana closed the Second Reading of the Pension Schemes Bill.  The Bill follows announcements in this year's Queen's Speech that the Government would be making significant changes to how people can access their savings and the sorts of pensions schemes that are available.

In closing the debate, Shabana stressed the important role that pensions play to people in planning for their retirement and their personal social care needs.  Ensuring that the range of options available to people are fit for purpose is a great challenge for politicians and legislators.  

...

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