07/23/2014 - 17:02

On Tuesday 22nd July Shabana Mahmood MP asks Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan to put the children of Birmingham first following the publication of the final report into the Trojan Horse affair. 

On the report, Shabana Mahmood MP said: 
“The report highlighted serious governance issues but showed that Birmingham children were not being turned into extremists; which is what I had said from the beginning”. 

To see Shabana Mahmood ask her question and the reply from Education Secretary, you can watch the video here: 
...

07/22/2014 - 11:54

On Monday 21st July Shabana Mahmood MP asked the Prime Minister about the appalling conflict in Gaza. The Israelis have warned civilians to leave, but as Shabana asks – where can they go? Shabana’s question and the Prime Minister’s reply can be seen here: http://youtu.be/h6P8y-28Z1E 


07/18/2014 - 20:32

Shabana Mahmood MP publishes letter with Birmingham Labour colleagues to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond about Gaza

Dear Philip Hammond MP

We are writing to ask that you take whatever action possible to persuade the Israeli Government to stop its attacks on Gaza.

Palestinian civilians have now endured over a week days of air strikes and are now being subjected to a ground invasion. Hundreds of people have been killed - man y of them children. We are worried about the heart wrenching stories that are being reported in the media. Earlier... Read more...

07/12/2014 - 12:12

This is a desperate situation. Waiting for the next wave of attacks is no way to live and, like many other onlookers, I fear where this is going to end.

Almost all the casualties so far have been Palestinian civilians. They are bearing the brunt of this bloody escalation. I sincerely hope that Hamas will stop firing its rockets and that the Israeli Government can be persuaded to stand down. The Israeli bombardments are indiscriminate and lethal. The tragic loss of civilian life in Gaza has now topped 120 - a fifth are children. I have written to the Foreign Secretary to urge him to... Read more...


04/15/2014 - 18:16

In response to today's inflation figures, Shabana said:

"At long last it looks like average wages will soon be rising faster than CPI inflation. But after four years when wages have fallen sharply in real terms, a huge turnaround is needed to ensure people aren't worse off than when David Cameron came to office.

"Real wages have fallen by £1600 a year since 2010 and, on top of this, tax and benefit changes will see the average household £1000 a year worse off by next year.

"It would be deeply complacent and out of touch for Ministers to try and tell people the cost... Read more...

03/19/2014 - 17:54

Despite the fact that many people are facing a cost-of-living crisis, today's Budget offered little to help.  In fact, the Chancellor failed to mention it once during his hour-long speech.

The Chancellor showed just how out of touch he is when he said that "things are getting better".  We know that wages are down £1,600 a year since David Cameron became Prime Minster and that people will be worse off in 2015 than they were in 2010.

This is why Britain needs a Labour Government  We would:

  • Freeze energy bills until 2017 and reform the broken energy market.... Read more...

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